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Most design and architecture schools, and design firms, contain one or two people who are ready to make a fundamental transition to a new kind of design – one that creates social value without destroying natural and human assets.

Xskool is for them. For you.

Xskool is the germ of an idea: a professional development programme for mid-career designers, architects and design professors. The idea is to equip you with the ideas, skills and connections you need to help your organization change course and engage with the restorative economy that is now emerging.

Participants in Xskool will ideally be sponsored; the idea is to transform design organizations and communities, not just the individual. Xskool is not another sustainable design course.

The content, form, and business model of Xschool will emerge during a series of discussions during 2011 – in Europe, the US and India – that will include potential students and partners of Xskool. As soon as is feasible, we will start doing pilots.

Our objective is to grow a programme that is distributed, so that people do not have to travel long distances to take part; affordable in all regions; and easily scalable.

Xskool will be a collaboration with with existing courses and projects where the new practices that design needs to learn are already being pioneered.

This website describes the germs of an idea. It is not a blueprint. To be determined during the coming months are: how Xskool would work; for whom; where; and who would pay what.

Doors of Perception will co-ordinate this design phase, but the business and ownership model of Xschool remains an open question.


  1. Posted May 4, 2011 at 19:00 | Permalink

    Great initiative. Urgently needed. This is all I think we should be doing; or at least, this is all that I want to be doing.

    For this to realize the radical redesign of the professions that it aims at, it will have to avoid being too focused and small (and so unsustainable, as you’ve said), which means linking up with other initiatives (like DESIS?); and yet, without being too open, such that the radicality of the ambition (both in terms of how much change is needed, and in terms of it being a new economic model of distributed learning) is not tempered. I like your ‘This is not another sustainable design course.’ That needs to be the minimum requirement for being a part of x-skool.

    On that, Tony Fry is running a workshop at the end of July that aims to develop a similar “educational institution without a place (an ‘Urmadic Academy’)” http://bit.ly/kFqfWj


  2. Posted May 4, 2011 at 17:30 | Permalink

    This sounds really tempting. I teach at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam at what is now called Interactive Media, but will be called CMDA. Here we want to try to include to teach the idea of a “social consience” for designers but as far as I can see it isn’t part of the programme. So, unlike the list of of Next Practices, I like to implement this germ of an idea in our “traditional” design education.

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