Model and Method

The Xskool model is expected to be based on some kind of self-directed action learning that enables participants to study locally, at work or on a project, and in their own language – but supported by a distributed network of learning providers, tutors and mentors.

To be determined: Accreditation/certification

Xskool is envisaged, at the moment, as a part-time programme of intensive workshops, each of a three to five days’ duration. Some workshops on this learning journey will be at a residential site; others will involve participation in live projects.

Inspiring and tested models we know about include:

– the Ashridge model – a two year part-time Masters programme based on a series of eight intensive residential workshops, each of five days’ duration. Six workshops are based at Ashridge and two are usually offsite

– or: Gaia U model: 16-week certificate programme that offers, through field trips, lectures, guest speakers and real world projects, an integrated understanding of sustainable design- from architecture to permaculture, product design to urban and community planning. Client-based, real world design projects serve to teach holistic thinking in action to bring the threads of sustainability together into practical solutions.

– or [Alia model] a six-day immersion in the fresh ideas, paradigm-shifting tools, and strategic conversations you need to guide your team, organization, or community through complex change. This programme follows the design of the acclaimed Shambhala Summer Institute based in Nova Scotia.

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