Value and Economy

Ethical and ecological values: the Xskool programme will be based on an unconditional respect for life, and for the conditions that support life. This ecological approach entails a profound shift from the ‘human-based’ design that is taught in most of today’s universities and d-schools – and from the technology-driven innovation that dominates most r&d departments in industry.

Restorative Economy: this is one of the labels being used to describe a replacement for the extractive economy we have now. Restorative incorporates new meanings of the word “growth” – for example “not more, but better” or “not more, but balanced”. Xskool participants will explore such concepts as steady-state economy, and new ways to measure happiness and wellbeing.

Resilience and Transition:resilience is a notion shared by the worlds of ecology, science and engineering – and is one way to describe the new ‘destination’ of design. It is defined in The Transition Handbook as “the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance, and reorganize, while undergoing change”. Xskool will engage with Transition initiatives to explore the use of design to create social and resource-sharing  tools and platforms.

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